Mission, Vision, Goals and Values

Our business mission

Professional eco-consultant, we embed sustainability into the heart of our clients’ businesses, organisations or households.

We provide environmental audits (eg. Green Office Makeover), sustainability statements, help with certification, recommendations and action plans, and referrals to relevant professionals.

OSuccess - Chistopher Morleyur vision of success

Aim at Sustainability is a locally renowned eco-consultant and active part of a network of eco-professionals, leading Upper Clutha sustainability.

Our strategic goals

When our business is in the ideal future state, it will have achieved these goals:

  1. 80% of Wanaka businesses, organisations and households have significantly increased their sustainability and are nearing carbon neutrality by 2030.
  2. Local sustainability practitioners network and collaborate to accelerate change towards a sustainable and climate friendly life in Wanaka and people are proud of it.
  3. Wanaka is renowned for its sustainability. This is mentioned in external sources like Lonely Planet and other tourism publications. Other towns contact us to know how we do it.

Our values

The values and standards that underpin the way we operate are:  

  1. Effectively creating a positive impact on the client and the planet
  2. Using the scientific-based, non-judgmental Natural Step framework
  3. Sharing a huge environmental / sustainable / ecological knowledge
  4. Positive, inspiring, no-nonsense, grassroot and solution-focused
  5. Integrity, open and earnest


Do you want to increase your sustainability? 

Do you want to contribute to the network?

Contact us!


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