Team Green Term 4 update

Fair Trade

We had another successful fair trade bake sale, raising $150.
Fair trade.jpg

Worm farm

Our 3 worm farms are doing well, Please encourage your students to use the red food waste bins – no wrappers ; but do not open the worm farms themselves, worms do not like too much disturbance.

Tree planting

Thank you for a wonderful Tree Planting effort, 52 trees given a chance to strive in 30 minutes! Please note the love and care that was given in the action! Well done MAC! Long live Herbet and mates! 😉

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Thank you to Ziptrek, the sponsor of our trees!

Fundraisers & Christmas gifts

We are selling Plants, currently for sale in the teachers’s yard: Spider plants, Aloe Vera $5 each ~ More available soon
2019 Upper Clutha Calendars $20 each: Team Green receives $3 for each calendar sold, available in the staff room.

Any comment? Questions? Suggestions?

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