Welcome to 2020!

In 2020, New Zealand was supposed to be carbon neutral and organic!

In 2000, at the Soil and Health Association New Zealand Conference, more than 400 delegates designed a pathway for ‘making Aotearoa New Zealand organic by 2020’.
In 2007 was published  Carbon Neutral by 2020 , a book describing clearly and practically which steps New Zealand can take to tackle climate change. From home renovation, carbon neutral living, to transport, renewable energy, organic agriculture, politics, sustainable design, solutions exist.

However, not enough people followed these pathways, YET. And so today, the first day of 2020, we wake up to a hazed sky, due to climate change catastrophe happening in Australia. I see it as a message from the Earth, Gaia’s wake-up call. We need to act. We need to change.

We need to mitigate climate change (=reduce the speed of change) to give us (and as many beings as possible) the time to adapt to it.

Everyone, at home, at work, businesses, local and central government, organisations, each of us, we can decide to change the way we do things so that the planet can restore itself to continue to sustain us. We have lots to do to catch up. Small things, large things…

Small things can be to change the lightbulbs to LED and start saving on your energy bill or use real cups in the staff room and save on the rubbish volume (no more throwaway cups).

Bigger change could be to implement a transport policy for your company: choosing e-vehicles, rationalising staff commuting, practice video-conference instead of traveling to meetings… This improves your company transport impact (CO2 emissions, carpark needs, transport time, pollution), reduces your costs, improves staff well-being and helps the planet too.

These simple examples show how easy change is and how pleasing the results are. So go ahead, just decide to change. Change is good!

Embrace change! Have fun!

There are thousands of ways described in countless books and websites, or ask us for help.

What do you choose to change this year?


Any comment? Questions? Suggestions?

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