Calling for owners of beautiful gardens in Wanaka

All that is very well,” answered Candide, “but let us cultivate our garden.” -Voltaire 1759. 

Inspired by this quote and imbued by a love for nature, Florence Micoud is now sharing her passion by creating outstanding private garden tours in the Wanaka district. “Post covid-19 has opened up new opportunities and catering to the local and domestic market is where we now have to look as overseas tourism takes a back seat

Starting in spring and running to the end of Otagos’ flamboyant autumn, Beautiful Gardens of Wanaka will be offering guided narrative tours, to a maximum of 7 visitors per group, viewing 4 selected private gardens on a half-day tour.  This will create an inspiring visual experience, connecting people with nature while adding value and gratitude to the unique garden creations in the Upper Clutha district. 

I invite owners to submit their garden for consideration to be part of the tour”, Florence says. 

Garden owners will receive remuneration providing an income stream for garden caretakers to support their ongoing development and their labour of love.

More significantly, “the garden tours are the occasion to showcase and share your beautiful garden and your dedication” adds Florence. “Keep gardening as you do, no need to make it perfect, it’s a living garden.” 

Well-known for her community involvement for many things sustainable, Florence has a long experience and knowledge of gardening. For seven years, she worked as information manager for a French leading organic gardening company, producing a substantial magazine, publishing books and operating the visitor center; Terre Vivante. Florence led many guided tours at this centre featuring stunning gardens, eco-building, renewable energy and sustainable opportunities. 

Florence has enjoyed gardening ever since and the idea of a garden tour for local and national visitors came from the deep joy she experienced from visiting and sharing the stunning gardens locally in Wanaka. This new business venture contributes to the widening new experiences now coming on offer to visitors in the Wanaka area. It also creates networking opportunities to garden caretakers – eg. seed banks, plant swaps and sharing local plant knowledge. 

I will start with two tours per week and see how it grows, organically.” Now is the time to be part of the new Wanaka attraction! Florence invites local gardeners to submit their creations for consideration, ready for a start up with the emergence of springtime.

Visit for more information and contact details.


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