Making of a sustainability consultant

florence_01I used to spend hours observing and admiring nature. My first ever worry was when I heard on the radio that forests were menaced by acid rain. Then at 10, I marched in my first anti-nuclear protest at a plant nearby.


So I set out to study economics, the science of “scarce resources management” and  I hold a Master Degree in Economics (MAEcon). But economics happened to be about power, material accumulation, armament and it left me helpless.

Having gained a Postgraduate Diploma in Information Sciences  (PGDipInfSc), I worked for 7 years as information manager in Terre Vivante, French leading practical ecology and organic gardening association and demonstration centre. Thus I learnt to feed my family well, I studied about health and healthy houses. I mastered how to look after ourselves and cultivated love and optimism. I have 20+ years of professional experience in environmental / sustainable / ecological knowledge and practice.

Passionate about the relationships between human and nature and how to improve them, I was still seeking to deepen my ken. In 2011, I enrolled in the Graduate Diploma in Sustainable Practice where I discovered…


The Natural Step is a non-profit organisation founded in 1989 by Swedish cancer scientist Karl-Henrik Robèrt. He set to create the basic principles for sustainability. It is not prescriptive, not judgmental, simply the rules of the game.

100_9830For me, it puts all the piece of the puzzle together, it makes it clear how to be more sustainable, and I’m very hopeful because we are many many people and organisations doing it at their level. It is happening.

So today,  using the Natural Step framework, I help organisations, businesses, community or households on the path towards sustainability so that we make our impacts restorative as well as improve our well-being and feel good about ourselves.

Contact me so you become part of the solution too.

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