Other support

op-learning4Sustainability communication

Engaging with customers is one key to your successful sustainability journey. We can develop and implement your communication plan. Social media experts, we create and teach you to expand on 21st century essential tools. We also create internal  monitoring and communication motivational tools.

Information management

New information needs will appear when progressing towards sustainability. Our wide and long-term knowledge in the various aspects of the field will guide you in the pertinent directions.

Besides, usual information management practices may need revamping to save energy, paper and printing and we are most qualified and experienced to organise efficient and safe systems for your organisation.

Networking – referral

For specialised tasks, we know people who will excel and will refer you to them. We develop and nurture a network of the best local professionals and national organisations to save you time and setbacks.

focused-audienceTraining and education

Strategic planning process includes raising awareness around sustainability to build common understanding. Therefore we tailor:

  • informative sessions to suit any specific need your team may have with lively presentations
  • updating policies and procedures with sustainability decisions
  • signage, displays and posters

Event organisation

  • zero-waste workshops/ meetings around sustainability issues
  • launch of your sustainability goals, press conference
  • “green-themed’ end of year staff-do
  • yearly do-good day
  • team-buiding around sustainability field trip

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