The Natural Step framework generates:

  • an in-depth audit process
  • a clear vision and strategic pathway. You now know where and how to begin, what will be next and where you are heading
  • tools to measure defined KPI and evaluate your progress
  • a well-rounded sustainability report for your team and to communicate to your clients.

Savings and efficiencies

Energy and rubbish bills decrease nay disappear, while materials and resources are more efficiently used, creating better margins.

Your sustainability efforts improve your business internally with better performance, innovation opportunities and employees motivation.

An environmentally friendly and ethical business is also in a better position on the market as many customers prefer “green” and the supply chains are under growing scrutiny.


There are many certifications relevant to various scopes. While many small businesses may not need certification, competition or demand may drive them to get one. Larger businesses can afford and will gain credentials with a recognized label. The process can look cumbersome yet we can help you tick all the boxes to get the recognition you deserve.