What is Sustainability

Sustainability is the best opportunity to make our world and society better. Here is a 2mn video explaining it all in a nutshell:

The Natural Step has developed a non-judgmental not-for-profit framework to help every organisation aim towards sustainability. This is a 5 minutes explanation by Dr. Karl-Henrik Robert, founder of The Natural Step.

So… to become a sustainable society, we must eliminate our contributions to…

1) the systematic increase of concentrations of substances extracted from the Earth’s crust (for example, heavy metals and fossil fuels)
2) the systematic increase of concentrations of substances produced by society (for example, plastics, dioxins, PCBs and DDT)
3) the systematic physical degradation of nature and natural processes (for example, over harvesting forests, destroying habitat and over-fishing); and…
4) conditions that systematically undermine people’s capacity to meet their basic human needs (for example, unsafe working conditions and not enough pay to live on).
Scientifically proven! Looks too easy now…